“An Earth-Friendly Way to Share Your Special Day”

At WeddingTrees.com we provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wedding favours. In honour of your marriage and on behalf of your guests, we plant individual trees to help reduce your carbon footprint and offset the impacts of climate change while contributing to the overall health and beauty of our planet.

Show your appreciation for your guests AND the environment by providing a unique, “green” gift which will continue to grow and benefit the earth as your love develops between you and your partner. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and environmental consciousness and feel proud to be an important part of your special day knowing that they are helping something special.

We only plant the highest quality seedlings sourced from Ontario based nurseries and have been planting trees for over ten years.  Trees are planted in various locations throughout Northern Ontario.

Trees help to reduce the effects of global warming by storing carbon dioxide and removing airborne pollutants resulting in cleaner air and a better environment for everyone.  Healthy trees and forests also provide important eco-systems which are required for the continued survival of wildlife and other plant species, ensuring the critical bio-diversity necessary to sustain a healthy environment. By having trees planted on behalf of your guests, everyone will enjoy the benefits. An individual tree may not seem significant, but the cumulative impact of thousands of new trees will result in a healthier planet for all of us and for future generations. After all, “we do not inherit the earth, we simply borrow it from our grandchildren…

WeddingTrees.com is a perfect fit for “green” environmentally friendly weddings but is also an ideal complement for any wedding theme.

Just imagine… the world will be a better place BECAUSE YOU WERE MARRIED !!

Our philosophy – “Helping to save the environment, one tree at a time”

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