About Your Trees!

General Tree Facts

  • Trees and forests are the “lungs of the earth” and play an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems while contributing to the bio-diversity of our planet
  • Trees provide the necessary oxygen (O2) we all need to survive and lead healthy lives
    • One tree can provide more than 200 pounds of oxygen each year, equal to the approximate amount an average person consumes in a year
  • Trees are a valuable source of carbon sequestration
    • During the photosynthesis process, trees remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air
    • Trees can play an invaluable role in helping to offset the impacts of climate change and global warming
    • A single tree can store in excess of 13 pounds of carbon each year, one acre of trees can remove up to 2.6 tons of CO2 annually
  • Trees remove harmful pollutants from the environment
    • A mature tree can remove up to 10 lbs. of pollutants per year including ozone (O3) – a primary contributor of smog, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur dioxides (SO2) – components of acid rain, as well as other environmental irritants including dust, soot and smoke
  • Trees help ensure a clean, healthy supply of fresh water by filtering rainwater and reducing the risk of flooding
    • Trees also help to reduce the erosion of soil caused by wind and rain
  • Trees provide fundamental sources of food and shelter for wildlife and birds as well as other types of plants and vegetation

White Pine  (Pinus Strobus)

White Pine

White Pine

“Ontario’s tree”.
Large and majestic, a preferred subject of the Group of Seven.
Average height from 70 to 120 ft high.
Trees were historically used by the British Navy for masts for sailing ships due to  their height and straightness.








White Spruce (Picea Glauca)

White Spruce

White Spruce

Beautiful foliage, provides valuable source of food and shelter for variety of birds and wildlife.
Grows up to 110 ft high.
Spruce “gum” was historically used by aboriginal people for use in making canoes waterproof.
Early pioneers brewed spruce needles to make a life-saving drink to fight and prevent scurvy during the long Canadian winters when fresh fruit and vegetables were unavailable.







Tamarack (Larix Docidua)



Important “shelter tree” with light shade allowing for undergrowth of shrubs and other plants.
Grows up to 75 feet high.
Grows well in wet conditions.
Long life, trees typically live in excess of 180-200 years.








White Cedar (Thuja Occidentalis)

White Cedar

White Cedar

Particularly valuable tree for wildlife habitat, source of food and shelter for white-tailed deer, snowshoe hare, porcupine and red squirrel.
Grows up to 75 feet high.
Grows in wide variety of soil conditions including wet and marginal conditions.
Used by early settlers for fence rails and posts due to rot-resistant qualities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose WeddingTrees.com ?

Show your guests you care about them AND the environment.

Our services are:


  • You can feel secure and confident that your trees are actually planted
  • With today’s fast paced and busy schedules, your guests may not have the time or opportunity to plant tree seedlings themselves

Environmentally friendly

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding and help offset the impact of climate change
  • Reduce waste, in today’s consumer driven society, spare your guests a gift of something they do not want anyway


  • We provide a selection of acknowledgement options for your guests designed to suit your budget
  • Give your guests a gift that keeps on giving – Trees planted in your honour will continue to grow and contribute to a healthy environment while your love continues to grow between the two of you

How soon before my wedding do I need to place my order ?

We suggest that orders be placed at least 2-3 months prior to your wedding date. However we can accommodate rush orders if necessary, please contact us for your specific requirements.

Quantities are limited and orders are filled on a first come, first served basis. We recommend that you place your order early to avoid potential disappointment.

What types of trees are available ?

At WeddingTrees.com we plant trees which are native to Ontario and to the specific regions where they are planted. Tree species currently available include:

Our seedlings are of the highest quality and are sourced from the finest Ontario based nurseries.

Where are the trees planted ?

The trees are planted in different locations primarily in Northern Ontario. Current planting locations include:

River Valley (West Nipissing)
Iroquois Falls
Belle Vallee (New Liskeard)

When are the trees planted ?

Trees are planted annually, in the spring and fall during optimal planting conditions. Each seedling is then “held” and reserved until purchased. This provides you and your guests with the opportunity to participate at any time of the year including wintertime weddings

“An Earth-Friendly Way to Share Your Special Day”

At WeddingTrees.com we provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wedding favours. In honour of your marriage and on behalf of your guests, we plant individual trees to help reduce your carbon footprint and offset the impacts of climate change while contributing to the overall health and beauty of our planet.

Show your appreciation for your guests AND the environment by providing a unique, “green” gift which will continue to grow and benefit the earth as your love develops between you and your partner. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and environmental consciousness and feel proud to be an important part of your special day knowing that they are helping something special.

We only plant the highest quality seedlings sourced from Ontario based nurseries and have been planting trees for over ten years.  Trees are planted in various locations throughout Northern Ontario.

Trees help to reduce the effects of global warming by storing carbon dioxide and removing airborne pollutants resulting in cleaner air and a better environment for everyone.  Healthy trees and forests also provide important eco-systems which are required for the continued survival of wildlife and other plant species, ensuring the critical bio-diversity necessary to sustain a healthy environment. By having trees planted on behalf of your guests, everyone will enjoy the benefits. An individual tree may not seem significant, but the cumulative impact of thousands of new trees will result in a healthier planet for all of us and for future generations. After all, “we do not inherit the earth, we simply borrow it from our grandchildren…

WeddingTrees.com is a perfect fit for “green” environmentally friendly weddings but is also an ideal complement for any wedding theme.

Just imagine… the world will be a better place BECAUSE YOU WERE MARRIED !!

Our philosophy – “Helping to save the environment, one tree at a time”

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